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Cleaning up your products, one bar of soap at a time

Magnolia Soap and Bath Company, a natural soap company that specializes in handmade soaps, body butters, sugar scrubs, and shower oils, believes that you do not have to sacrifice your health for beauty!

The Florence franchise opened its doors in 2021, making the third location in the state. Local store owners Justin and Lauren Laenen are passionate about their mission to educate others on plant-based beauty and provide them with quality natural alternatives.

Lauren’s passion was sparked after setting out to find healthier products to use on her daughter’s sensitive skin. An Occupational Therapist herself, Lauren also had noticed a constant theme among her patients- each having unmet skincare needs. Upon researching the contents of soap and bath products, she was surprised to discover that most soaps’ ingredients are closer to detergents than traditional soap. The mass production process removes the natural glycerin from the soap, vital to the soap's moisturizing properties, and instead replaces it with synthetic agents. When Lauren discovered the noticeable difference in the quality of Magnolia Soaps' products, it was love at first sight. After witnessing first-hand the positive impact these products had on their quality of life, the couple cultivated their interest in Magnolia Soaps and took advantage of the opportunity to invest in the company and bring high-quality, natural products to The Shoals.

Justin served in the Army from 2005-2012, stationed with Bravo Company 3/82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, Fort Bragg NC. Seeking a new challenge in life, he was inspired to open his own business and believed his skills as a combat helicopter pilot would really help him make the transition to entrepreneur. With Lauren’s passion for high quality products and Justin’s need for a challenge, this pair was motivated to bring Magnolia Soap and Bath to The Shoals. The company has since grown from their roots in New Albany, Mississippi, to a franchise with over 22 locations.

Justin shared that they have experienced an outpouring of support from The Shoals community since their Grand Opening.

“As a Christian and Veteran-owned company, we really wanted to bring something different. Our employees bring such passion and care to their customer service, and I think that shows both in the products that they make and in their service. During my time in the U.S. Army as an officer, I found that taking care of your employees shows in business, and customers can see when employees are passionate and love their jobs.”

Using only domestically sourced, naturally grown ingredients that have actually felt and seen the sun, Magnolia Soaps uses plant-based ingredients in every recipe! Offering 65 unique fragrances, the Laenen’s commitment to providing locally made and paraben and phthalate-free options to their customers is evident. From the citrus notes of Morning Energy, the robust coffee scent of Rise and Grind featuring coffee beans from Turbo Coffee, to the savory Moonlight soap, Magnolia Soap and Bath has a scent for all!

Not only do their products smell fantastic, but Magnolia Soap’s high-quality products will also leave you feeling good inside and out, knowing you have supported a local business with a great mission and heart for the community.

Be sure to stop by their store to show them some local love! Learn more about the company's mission and products by clicking here.

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