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The story behind the best grilled cheese in The Shoals

A local grilled cheese restaurant has quickly won the hearts of college students and Shoals locals alike since its grand opening in 2019.

Bobby Lindholm and Hazel Schultz set out to open the first Cheesy Bob Grilled Cheese restaurant in The Shoals two years ago. Being an alumnus of the University of North Alabama, Bobby chose to open up shop in Florence in hopes of providing college students with a local, casual spot to gather and hang out.

Bobby, who grew up in southern California and The Shoals area, has always had a passion for cooking for family and friends and learning new processes along the way. This love of food inspired the dream of opening Cheesy Bob Grilled Cheese. Bobby’s upbringing provided him with the ability to create a restaurant environment with a custom flare that he likes to refer to as “West Coast meets Grandma’s kitchen.”

Nothing quite screams “Grandma’s kitchen” like a grilled cheese sandwich- the perfect embodiment of childhood, fun, and all things happy. This is the reason Bobby chose to center the theme of his restaurant around grilled cheese sandwiches.

As for the recipes, they all began as cravings.

“When you’re sitting around the house and a craving hits you, it feels like nothing else would hit the spot,” Bobby explained. “We took that same mentality and formed it into our favorite grilled cheese recipes.”

Bobby and Hazel take inspiration from the entire staff to create new menu items and combinations.

“Someone in the kitchen may have a great idea for a menu item and we all bounce the idea around for a week or two experimenting until we get it just right!” said Bobby. “It is super fun and honestly what makes us get up every day.”

Not only are the recipes crafted with the team in mind, but they also are so unique and flavorful that they keep customers coming back for more! Featured on the menu are the Sweet Apricot Grilled Cheese, the Funky Classic and Tomato Soup combo, the Pepperoni Pizza Grilled Cheese, and the Smokehouse Grilled Cheese- all favorites among regulars. Bobby’s favorite menu item is either the Raspberry Pepper Jelly, add bacon, or the Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese, add jalapeños.

Cheesy Bob fans can rest assured that the Florence location will not be the sole restaurant forever. Bobby and Hazel hope to expand soon by opening locations in other college towns such as Tuscaloosa or Auburn, or perhaps the beach!

We love this funky restaurant and are so proud that they have chosen to invest in The Chamber with their membership. Make sure you’re following Cheesy Bob on social media so you won’t miss out on any updates about specials, new menu items, or announcements!

At the Chamber, Cheesy Bob’s is a Staff favorite for lunch! Check out some of our favorite menu items below!

  • Caitlin Holland, President- Sweet Apricot Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

  • Barbara Hunt, Senior Vice President of Finance & Administration- Sweet Apricot Grilled Cheese

  • Rebecca Moon, Director of Membership- Pepperoni Pizza Grilled Cheese

  • Samuel Mashburn, Director of Public Policy & Governmental Relations- Smokehouse Grilled Cheese, Sidewinder Curly Fries, & a Coke

  • Olivia Bradford, Director of Communications & Events- Sweet Apricot Grilled Cheese

  • Anna Eubanks, Social Media & Business Communications Coordinator- Hot Ham & Cheese & Garlic Cheese Curds

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